Who am I?

I am a content creator, a voracious reader and half-a pseudo-geek. I have been tinkering around with PCs since the late 1980s, and have worked as a programmer, a quality analyst, a tech support agent and a writer. I currently run a digital content creation agency that dabbles in marketing, technical content and creative writing. I love travel, photography, cycling, riding my bike, watching movies, playing with my daughter and tinkering around with interesting gadgets—in no particular order of course. I usually switch between 3 devices that I consider my primary workhorses:

1. Macbook Air – My favourite laptop in the whole world!

2. Lenovo Ideapad 330s – My backup machine and my go-to windows device

3. iPad 4 – An old but reliable tablet that I love to use when I just want to watch something fun online

More about me

I would like to add that I am a pretty accommodating person. I can get along well with any *nix based-system, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and pretty much anything else that I can lay my hands on. I have used old desktops such as PC-XTs, PC-ATs, Sun workstations, iMacs, eMacs, SGI machines and other dinosaurs you might not have heard about, along with some pretty new hardware such as the MacBook Air M1 and my latest toy—the Raspberry Pi 4B.

Although I love no-nonsense devices, I also love devices that might cause me a bit of discomfort while setting up, because I believe that they help me learn something new (and show off to all my not-so-geeky friends).

What do I use my computer for?

What do I use my computer for? Well, pretty much like everyone else, I check email, I write stuff on MS Word, I might play around with a spreadsheet or two, create an occasional presentation, write a few lines of code in Python to upload data from my Honor Magic Watch 2 to Strava and so on. I might also have to edit some photos or create some graphics for my blogs, watch a movie on the PC if my daughter and my mom are hogging our TV, or try out something new, like this Raspberry Pi 4B experiment. In short, my usage is pretty much the same as 99% of computer users in the world, very basic.

For my excessively basic usage, I find nearly every device both underpowered and just too powerful. Underpowered for the occasional geeky thing I might do or a video that I might need to process and too powerful for most other tasks that include checking emails or updating this blog post.

Why am I doing this?

Mainly.. for fun, plus i was a little bored being on a predictable, nice computer and i felt like getting a new toy. I got the Raspberry Pi 4 8GB variant for daily use and to see if things could work out with an ultra-low-cost PC for me. if not, i could just turn this into a media server like everyone else does.

In the next article, I will list down all the problems I encountered with my setup (there weren’t many, but then there were some) and how I fixed them (or am trying to fix them). Until then, stay tuned!