Our previous article was about focusing, planning and controlling in the wake of the lockdown. This article will help you understand how bringing about normalcy in your routine can help you embrace, and in some cases—make the most of the lockdown.

These are trying, and for some – harrowing times. Coping with situations like the coronavirus pandemic is stressful, but there are ways to ensure that your mind gets a feeling of normalcy, which directly results in lowered stress levels. If you already have a tried and tested stress management strategy, stick to it. If not, here’s what you can do to try and normalize your current situation:

  • Stick to a routine

This singular action can ensure that your stress levels remain under control. If you stick to the usual schedule you follow every day – including your timings for sleeping, going to school/working, eating and exercising, you are well on your way to ensure normalcy, with some exceptions of course.

  • Get some fresh air

If you are in a lockdown situation and you cannot get out of the house – do not panic. Just draw a chair, open the window and let nature do its job. If you can, go take a short walk. Listen to some calming music while you’re at it. For those stuck in their apartment, house walking is a great idea to stay fit and get some exercise. Open the windows if possible, for some fresh air to waft in.

  • Start something new

A new recipe is a good way to start something new. Try something ridiculously easy that you have never made before. Other good ways to start can be to read a new book or to draw what you see in various rooms.

  • Exercise

It does not matter if gyms are closed. Exercising at home is a great way to keep stress at bay. Join an online dance class, yoga class or exercise regimen.

  • Do not self-medicate

Before you start popping pills or get that bottle of whiskey out of the closet, understand that self-medication and intoxicants can only make things worse during this pandemic.

  • Help others if you can

Helping others will make you feel much better, as you will feel in control of the situation that you are in and that will considerably lower your stress levels. This will also send out good vibes and make you feel happier and relaxed. You can begin by dropping things off at a kindness wall, contributing to a relief fund, cooking meals for the homeless or lending an ear to help someone vent. Kindness never hurts anyone. It can only help you add meaning and purpose to the moment.

  • Start a relaxation regimen

When you are extremely anxious or stressed out, the best way to relieve this stress or anxiety is to have a pre-set relaxation strategy. A good relaxation strategy can include techniques like meditation, deep breathing and yoga. Keeping aside 30 minutes a day for this strategy can easily help you cope and will reduce stress levels.

Every individual is different, and so will be the impact of the quarantine and social distancing on them. As we are all going through a similar situation, it is important to understand that you are not the only one facing this crisis. In many ways, if you are reading this article, you are fortunate enough to be in a comfortable spot compared to those who might not be able to put two square meals together. Understand that a time of crisis is a time to rear up and help others, which will automatically help you relax and feel in control of the situation. Good luck!

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