The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the world functions. From industries to IT companies to healthcare, there is no industry vertical that has not been impacted by this highly infectious disease. As this dreaded virus continues to infect people globally, scientists around the world have turned to artificial intelligence to help curb this menace.

Technology has come to the rescue of medical professionals in the form of Artificial Intelligence applications in healthcare. The development of the groundbreaking AI COVID-19 algorithm is a collaborative effort by Siemens Healthineers and their research and collaboration partners. Although this algorithm is currently for research use only and is not to be used in diagnostic procedures, it showcases immense potential in helping healthcare professionals overcome the shortage of COVID-19 RT-PCR kits worldwide.

According to two preliminary studies quoted by Siemens Healthineers, the algorithm also showcases the additional advantage of being able to automatically detect multiple abnormalities like peripheral focal or multi-focal ground-glass opacities, consolidation and crazy-paving patterns. These Opacity lesions in the peripheral and posterior lungs that are showcased in CT images are considered to be indicative of COVID-19 pneumonia.

With vast resources like AI research teams, CT product experts and supercomputers at their disposal and collaborations with research hospitals in the USA, France, Switzerland and Canada, Siemens is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring expedited development of AI technology for COVID-19 detection.

This research also supports the fact that the automated analysis capability of AI-powered non-contrast Computed Tomography (CT) and digital X-rays can play an important role in detecting and assessing the progression of disease along with providing a basis to support the design of curative therapy.

Read more about this innovative research on the Siemens Healthineers website here.